Content is a major part of your website as far as search engines are concerned.  The Search Engines want the content to be relevant to what that specific page is about.  It has to be embedded with keywords from the top keywords (being most important) listed a specific number of times within about 300 words on that specific page.  There is a magical number which is known as KDR or (keyword density ratio) and usually is about 4-7%.  If a keyword is listed too many times in your content the search engines will think you are trying to "Stuff Keywords" and will deem your website "elrealvent".  The key to the whole process it to have it just perfect on each page.  Another aspect of what the search engines like to see is a growing site, we show them this by adding content to your web page month after month that is original.  If your website has content that was "borrowed" from another site the search engines will not give your website relaventcy because, simply put... that information is already out on the internet and there's nothing special about your page.  By adding content on a regular basis you are showing the search engines that you are constantly updating the website and you are a novice in your industry.

Headings or Header Tags (H1, H2, etc )

Your website headings are like a beginning of a chapter in a book.  They tell the search engines what that paragraph is about.  You can have many different "Headings or Header tags" on any given page of your website.  For proper SEO the search engines deem the first or (H1) header the most relevant, and the content should describe exactly what that header (chapter) is about, again embedding the proper keyword density ratio in that paragraph. The other header tags (H2, H3,H4, etc) will be rated by the search engines from most important "H1" to least important being the last header tag, Example "H8". Having these coded properly will better your internet marketing ROI.

Meta Tags & Meta Descriptions:

Meta tags or title tags are just as important to the search engines as content and a vital part of internet marketing. Each title tag is a reflection of the main keywords on your website and can be seen when you have multiple pages open on your computer at the top of your browser or when you do a search online. Google allows up to 70 characters for your meta tag or title tags.  This is the "blue keyword rich" title that also reflects whatever you searched on Google.  This is another way we can let the search engines know what this paticular page is about.  A "meta description" is a sentence for the search engines to read and gives a brief summary of your website which should be no more than 165 characters and again keyword rich. In most cases every page of your website will be about different things, henceforth why each page should be coded to what that page is about.  Your meta tags and descriptions should never be the same on any two pages of your website. Sometimes just having the proper meta tags and meta descriptions can better your SEO and increase visibility tremendously.

Social Media:

Social media is another part of SEO.  Have you ever purchased something or received services from a company and "Liked" it on Facebook?  Once it is "Liked" you will be able to see all the posts that business posts.  Chances are that if they liked your business, bought or used your services..... they will again.  Simply by posting something either daily, weekly, monthly you are showing your new product or services to people that already "Liked" you.  Thus growing the potential for repeat business in the future from that prospective client or customer.

Directory Back Links:

A Back Link is another key to internet marketing or search engine optimization. A back link is a link to your website from another website or business directory.  When someone goes to Facebook, Yelp, or LinkedIn and click on the web address of your site it creates a back link. With most search engines it's like a popularity contest.  Links are like friends you might of had while growing up in school.  Search engines will see that you are fiends with all the cool kids in school and they will assume you must be pretty cool too.  Thus giving you more releavency as far as your SEO is concerned. 

Photo Gallery and Picture Tagging:

Have you ever searched for something in Google or Bing's images?  A lot of people are visual buyers these days and want to see the picture of what their looking for.   It's a whole kind of Internet Marketing. Your images on your websites have 3 different aspects; a file name, an alternate tag or alt tag and a description. Each one of your images needs have a specific file name, alt tag, and description. Just having picture of an ice cream cone with a file name of “1323fd.jpg” isn't every going to be found online. But if that same exact picture is named “cookie.jpg” and is given an alt tag “Chocolate Chip Cookie” with a description “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in San Diego” you stand to have a much better chance of being found online.  When you click on an image from Google or Bing it allows you to go immediately to that website to view.




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What is SEo?

Some company's may lead you to believe that SEO is a secret.  The simple fact is,... it's pretty basic but requires work.  Search Engine Optimization is the process of building your business online in a way that search engines deem your business more relevant.  The more relevant search engines deem your website's HTML/XML coding, content, pictures, links the higher in the search results your business will appear. And it's that simple.

At Frogger, we evaluate each client and listen to your needs.  We can't help you until you tell us what the problem is right?  Once we address the problem we'll come up with an "attack plan" in order to get you where you need to be.  Every SEO package is different.  What the lady down the street needs for her website is totally different than what an office asphalt contractor would need.  Give us a call and speak to one of our reps in our SEO department and we'll narrow down the basics of internet marketing and come up with a plan that is within your budget.

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